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ISDN remotes
KGNU provides ISDN services to the broadcast industry.
KGNU uses a Telos Xstream ISDN interface accessible from 3 studios.
Rates, scheduling
Please Call us or email us us for rates and to schedule a time. E-mail the isdn address, or call a program director or Evan. Do not contact the engineer.
Suggested settings
If you want to do an ISDN feed with KGNU, and haven't yet picked-up settings, you may want to consider one of these.
Please select a setting from these two tables, based on the intended use. The first table is best for voice quality and requires only 1 phone call. The second table is for music quality. Then, please tell us the two-digit CODE you picked. The tables show the settings at your end.
10 Interviewee at KGNU G.722 L3 Dual 64/48
11 Interviewee at KGNU, not as good G.722 L2 56/48
12 Interviewee at your place L3 Dual G.722 64/48
13 Interviewee at your place, not as good L2 mono G.722 56/48
14 Voice both ways L3 Dual L3 mono 64/48
15 Voice both ways, not as good L2 mono L2 56/48
16 Universally compatible G.722 G.722 56/32
These settings require 1 phone call.
Our ISDN phone number: 1-303-441-0254
20 Stereo music at KGNU G.722 L3 Stereo 64/48
21 Stereo music at KGNU, not as good G.722 L2 64/48
22 Stereo music at your place L3 JStereo G.722 64/48
23 Stereo music at your place, not as good L2 Stereo G.722 64/48
24 Stereo music both ways L3 JStereo L3 Stereo 64/48
25 Stereo music both ways, not as good L2 JStereo L2 64/48
26 Hi-quality mono music at KGNU G.722 L2 64/48
27 Hi-quality mono music at your place L2 mono 128 G.722 64/48
These settings require 2 phone calls.
Our ISDN phone numbers: 1-303-441-0254 and 303-441-2903