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Help AM FM Internet stream
Help with KGNU's AM signal
Help receiving with an AM radio
In the daytime, KGNU's AM signal covers the Denver Metro area and beyond.
At nightime, to avoid interference to other radio stations at the same frequency in other areas, the FCC ordered us to reduce our power. Then, many people outside of our main coverage areas find it difficult to tune in. Therefore, we would like to suggest some options for improving KGNU AM reception at home.
Make sure there's an antenna:
If your radio has a connection in the back for an AM antenna (often a loop antenna) make sure there is one connected.
Turn the antenna:
KGNU's AM transmitter is in Englewood. Turn the radio's AM antennas so that it faces our transmitter.
Make your own AM antenna:
If you want, you can make your own AM antenna with a long piece of wire.
If your radio has a connection for a loop antenna, use two wires, one on each terminal.
Listen in your car.
Not only are car radios better radios, but they get a better signal just by virtue of being outdoors.
Reduce interference from electronic devices
Over the years, the AM signal has been battered by background noise from more and more devices such as computers. Try reducing that intereference.
  • Try moving the radio's antenna.
  • To identify which device causes the intereference, turn off each electronic device in your home, one at a time. After turning it back on, reposition it or its cables to see if it makes a difference.
  • If the interference comes from your neighbors, their equipment may be in violation of FCC rules. Talk to your neigbhors first.
Recognizing interference from other radio stations
At the fringe of our signal area, and especially at night, you may experince interference from other radio stations. Unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done.
Dealing with changes in the signal strength
We often get calls from listeners who no longer get a clean signal. Other than the fact that we go to low power at night, the strength of our signal is kept very constant, so we don't believe that's the reason.
  • Changes in the weather do make a difference. These should be self-correcting
  • If the quality of your signal is reduced and remains reduced, it may be because something changed in your immediate surroundings: a new source of interference (see elsewhere in this page) or your antenna changed (connections or orientation).
KGNU streams its signal on the Worldwide Web
An alternative to our broadcast signal is our internet streaming. Please check the Listen page.
KGNU broadcasts at 88.5 FM as well
The reach of our FM signal is limited, but the quality is better, especially for music.
We want to meet your needs as our listeners, and involve you in this unique form of independent media and communication that KGNU is. We hope these options provide you with viable solutions to your present reception difficulty. Please Call us or email us if we can be of further assistance.

Dealing with intereference from our AM signal
KGNU broadcasts legally as authorized by the FCC. Any interference to your equipment from KGNU is your responsibility, not KGNU's. However, as a gesture of good will, KGNU may help you mitigate such interference to your equipment.
One reason that AM receivers are so cheap, is that just about any electronic device can pick it up, whether intentionally or not! If the signal is sufficienly strong, even a penny placed by your ear can pick up an AM station!
This is bad news for people who are very close to an AM transmitter: just about anything with a loudspeaker can pick-up the sound of the AM station, especially telephones. Electronic equipment should be designed to be able to stand such interference (that's what that tag "FCC part 15" on the back of it means). However, some manufacturers cheat, and some equipment is not properly installed, so interference is heard.
These are some of the things you can try.
  • For telephones:
    • If you hear it in only one phone: that's the culprit.
    • If you hear it in all phones: disconnect each device plugged into a telephone outlet in turn (don't forget computer modems, Caller ID devices, answering machines...) until the interference goes away. That last device is the culprit.
    • If you hear it in all phones, no mater what's disconnected: check that the telephone junction box outside your home is properly grounded.
  • For other devices: if they should be grounded, make sure they are.
  • Radio Shack sells clamp-on, split bead, ferrite filters. Try installing them in cables connected to the device.
  • Since it is the device's fault, try returning it to the store. Don't get another one like it: it will be the same. Instead, buy something of better quality.

If you experience interference from KGNU while tuned to KRMA Channel 6, in Boulder County, then it's interference from our FM transmitter.