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A lot of KGNU's work is done through committees. One way you can contribute to KGNU is by joining one of them.
General info
  • The board creates committees.
  • Committees report to the board. They may advise the board or the staff.
  • Unless otherwise noted, committee members include between one and three members of the board, between one and three staff members, and between two and six volunteers.
  • Committees perform four main functions:
    • Conduct preparatory work leading up to board decisions - such as developing policy options and planning recommendations for the consideration of the board.
    • Carry out tasks on behalf of the board in certain areas such as fundraising or community relations.
    • Work with the staff to implement certain operations and activities.
    • Serve as a training ground for future board members.
  • Some committees meet regularly; others meet as needed.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are open to the public.
  • To be notified of meetings, contact us and ask to be added to the committee's e-mail list.
  • The meeting schedule and locations are listed on the meeting calendar.
  • Meetings are usually held at the KGNU studios in Boulder.
Active committees  
Name Purpose Chair Meets Advises Notes
Budget Committee Monitors the station's budget. Assists the Station Manager in preparing the annual budget, and reviews profit and loss statements. Treasurer Monthly May - November dates announced on kgnu.org Advises the board Standing committee per article 7.10 of the bylaws.
The Station Manager and the station's accountant are ex-officio members.
Community Advisory Board (CAB) Gives the community a way to review the programs and services provided by the station. Tim Russo Twice a year. Meetings are announced on kgnu.org. Advises board and staff Required by the Public Telecommunications Act of 1978.
See article XII of the bylaws.
Development Committee Oversees most general fundraising at KGNU, including the capital campaign, major gifts, select special events, grants, and underwriting. Barbara Stern
3rd Monday of the month at 5:00 PM Advises the board The Station Manager and Development Director are members.
Events Committee Organizes KGNU benefit events Meredith Carson 1st Wednesday of the month at 6 PM Implements its own recommendations Meets at the Boulder studios
Executive Committee Prepares agendas of board meetings, serves as Personnel Committee and oversees the search for a Station Manager when the position becomes vacant. Board chair Tuesday prior to the Board meeting Advises the Station Manager on personnel issues. Standing committee per article 7.10 of the bylaws.
Nominating Committee Recruits, interviews, and recommends board members candidates. Nile Southern, Joy Barrett 3rd Monday of the month at 6:00 PM Advises the board Standing committee per article 7.10 of the bylaws.
Program Committee Reviews KGNU programs in light of the station's mission and standards. Considers new programs on KGNU. Reviews programs that have received complaints from listeners, staff, or volunteers. Rebekah Hartman 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m; alternates between Boulder & Denver Advises the Station Manager, Music Director, and News and Public Affairs Director Standing committee per article 7.10 of the bylaws.
The Station Manager, Music Director, and News and Public Affairs Director serve as ex-officio, non-voting members.
Strategic Planning Committee Oversees the implementation of KGNU's 2014-2018 Strategic Plan Sanford Baran 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Advises the board
Conflict Resolution Committee Meets only when a request is filed by a Volunteer in response to their suspension or expulsion from the Station. Risë Keller, Marge Taniwaki As needed Advises the board Standing committee per article 7.10 of the bylaws.

Meeting times and dates may be changed. Meeting changes will be posted no less than seven days prior to the new meeting date. Please see the KGNU.org committee calendar below (or click here) for up-to-date committee dates and times.

Committees Schedule

Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The CAB submits an annual report to the Board that addresses the following four tasks mandated by the Public Telecommunications Act of 1978:

Review programming goals established by the Station.
Review the service provided by the Station.
Review significant policy decisions made by the Station.
Advise the Board as to whether the Station is addressing the specialized educational and cultural needs of the community served by the Station.

No recommendations by the CAB are required to be implemented.

Members of our Community Advisory Board include:

  • Roxy Goss
  • Thia Gonzales
  • Louis Wolff
  • Carmen Ramirez

CAB Minutes

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