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Artist Reception and Opening in KGNU's Hallway Gallery
On Friday, Dec. 7th, we will host an artist reception with Suzanne Frazier, whose works will be on display in KGNU's Hallway Gallery. Music will be provided by guitarist Laurie Dameron.

"With my work, I invite you to a peaceful place, reminding you to look around the corner of buildings and through the tree branches, to the sky filled with clouds and beautiful sunrise/sunset colors, that mystics call, the crack in the sky between heaven and earth. It is a special time of day, when the numinous is present, and one feels awe and beauty. As a contemplative artist, the seed of inspiration arises from within the depths of my soul and moves into the creative process when I assimilate an ordinary life experience into my contemplative exploration:

the product of creative expression
arising out of the pure joy of creating,
grounded in a contemplative connection
to the radiance and perfection of spirit
known only through ones experience of
being fully human."


KGNU Boulder Studios in Boulder, Fri at 05:00 PM


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