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"Dining on Air" Coordinated House Parties
Invite KGNU listeners, people you feel should know about KGNU or who you would like to see involved in supporting the station. If you are comfortable with hosting new faces, please call us. Some who love KGNU and want to support it may not receive a dinner invitation; we can solicit those names and match them with a willing host in their area.

If you are interested in discussing an idea, are planning on hosting a house party, or would like to attend a house party, please contact Shawna in the business office at 303-449-4885 or by email at shawna at kgnu dot org. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this fun event!!

Your Home, Sat at 06:00 PM


Created:08/02/12, Modified:09/15/12, expires:09/15/12, priority:5