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2011 Gold Lab Symposium
The two-day event, "Time: The Dalliance with Improved Healthcare," brought 17 renown scientists and healthcare experts together to discuss progress and issues in personalized medicine.

"This year our Symposium probes both common and rare diseases and looks at how patients empower themselves through the internet and by banding together. Our presenters also will discuss the impact of patent law and the impact of large data bases in bringing urgency to many aspects of the dialogue around these diseases," said Dr. Larry Gold, the Symposium's founder.

The Gold Lab Symposia were initiated in 2010 to bring together an intelligent community of scientists, policy experts and thinkers to foster discussion about biological innovations and the improvement of health care. Each year, this community identifies the biological technologies that are being integrated into the mainstream to transform key aspects of healthcare.

This year the sessions covered global health and medical problems including viral forecasting; neglected diseases including Huntington's, and aspects of healthcare delivery including molecular diagnosis and prognosis for cancers.

Speakers scheduled for the event are Kevin Davies, Susan Fisher, Richard Lawn, Nathan Wolfe, Lawrence Hunter, Steve Morrissett, Ruth Crowe, James Allen Heywood, Rick Guidotti, David E. Housman, Sharon F. Terry, Evelyn Resh, Franklyn G. Prendergast, Gilbert S. Omenn, Don Kripke, Robert Duke, and Gegory A. Petsko.

Click here to be taken to How on Earth's web site to listen to some of the speakers.


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