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2010 Election Coverage
Shows already aired:

Boulder County Ballot Issue 1A, Human Services Safety Net Mill Levy Increase:
A Public Affair

Boulder County Ballot issue 1B, County-Wide Open Space Sales and Use Tax Increase and Bond Authorization:

Boulder Ballot issue 2B, Five Year Utility Occupation Tax to Replace Lost Franchise Fee Revenue:
A Public Affair

Proposition 101, Amendments 60 & 61:
Bente Birkeland's report on all three issues
Bente's closer look at Amendment 61
A Public Affair, Monday, September 13th
The Labor Exchange, Oct. 4, 2010

Amendment 62, The Personhood Amendment:
A Public Affair, Monday, September 20th, 8.35-9.00am
Bente Birkeland's report on Amendment 62, aired September 27th, 2010:

Amendment 63, Health Care Choice:

State Treasurers Race:

Secretary of State Race:

Bente Birkeland takes a look at the potential impact of the Tea Party on local and statewide races:

Liz Lane takes an overall look at the 2010 elections with political blogger Jason Bane:

In the weeks leading up to the election, media consumers have been bombarded with political attack ads on television, radio and even the internet. Many of these ads are being funded by out of state special interest groups. One state, Colorado, is a top magnet for outside election money. Maeve Conran reports.


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