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Eat Your Radio: Youth Media Project
We want to discover what makes foods fun and tasty, and what are the ways that our students and our families can enjoy the kind of good eating that adds to the health of students, families, and the community. We'll share these stories in the classroom, on the radio, with families and community at family night, and on the web. What are students discovering about healthy food? What makes it taste good? What makes it fun and easy to make? How can school lunch be healthy AND tasty? What makes it hard to like healthy food? What makes it easy? In school AND out in the neighborhood? Where can families buy fresh fruits and vegetables? Is it easy or hard? How can we make it easier? We're training young radio journalist to ask these questions through Eat Your Radio. This semester we're hearing from 5th grade students in Ashley Elementary in Denver.

The project was featured in a story on KCNC, CBS 4 news on 11/19/09. Click this link for their video archive: http://cbs4denver.com/video/?id=64598


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