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We're upgrading our transmitter
This Sunday, February 22, KGNU will install a state-of-the-art transmitter for our 88.5 FM frequency. The new transmitter will broadcast both a traditional analog signal and a high definition digital signal. Our FM signal will be off the air this Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM while we make the switch. You'll still be able to hear your favorite Sunday programs on 1390 AM and online, and by late afternoon, 88.5 FM will be back on the air.

Click here for a high bandwidth online stream
Click here for a medium bandwidth online stream
Click here for a low bandwidth or dial-up stream


Sunday 2/22 12:00 PM -- everything at the transmitter site is proceeding on schedule. The old transmitter has been moved out (what do we do with this thing?) and the new in, and is currently being wired. The new STL (Studio Transmitter Link) is online and functioning properly.

We are aware of the phasing problem with the online streams, an unexpected side effect of changing the equipment. It has just been repaired, and the online streams should sound much better now.

Sunday 2/22 2:15 PM -- There are brief flashes of sound coming over the monitors. It won't be long now!

Sunday 2/22 2:30 PM -- We are back on the air. If all goes well, we will stay on the air, but forgive us if we need to take the signal offline again.

Sunday 2/22 2:45 PM -- Just got official word from our engineers that we are broadcasting our analog signal at 88.5 FM. They are still working on the HD digital signal, and will have that up and running shortly. This does not affect most of you, for the time being -- you can hear us properly on traditional radios at 88.5 FM!

Sunday 2/22 3:30 PM -- The HD signal is up and running. You can now hear us on both traditional analog and in HD. Early reports are that the HD signal sounds really good.

Monday 2/23, 8:00 AM -- Our apologies. Apparently, there were two problems with the online streams, the first of which, the phasing problem that made the announcers' voices all but disappear, was fixed yesterday.

A second problem has come to light since then: the Omnia processor that used to modulate the signal before it went to the online stream has been moved "downstream" of the online stream to the FM transmitter site in Louisville, meaning that the signal being sent to the stream is much hotter than it used to be. We are working to solve this problem on the streaming server computer, to avoid having to purchase another expensive processor. Please bear with us, the problem will be solved soon. Thank you for your patience.

Tuesday 2/24, 12:00 PM -- Our engineer found and repaired some wiring problems that were causing phasing in the online signal, and we adjusted the levels going out. We hope the online streams sound better now. Please contact us with your feedback.


Created:02/16/09, Modified:02/24/09, expires:02/21/09, priority:9