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12/2 Negativland Performance Recording
12/2 Old Main Chapel on the CU Boulder Campus -

Legendary trickster band Negativland brings a new version of their weekly radio broadcast (Over the Edge, on the air since 1981) to the live stage for the very first time, mixing music, found sounds, found dialog, scripts, personalities, and sound effects within a radio theater-of-the-mind. "It's All In Your Head FM is a two-hour-long, action-packed look at monotheism, the supernatural God concept, and the all-important role played by the human brain in our beliefs. Dr. Oslo Norway is your radio host, and Christianity, Islam and Judaism are the featured religions, as Negativland asks you to contemplate some complex, serious, silly, and challenging ideas about human belief in this audio cut-up mix best described as a documentary collage. IAIYH FM is a compelling and uniquely fun presentation of sticky theological concepts, which has actually been known to provoke arguments for days after the show is over.

KGNU will broadcast the recording on Monday 12/15 at 8pm
Old Main on the CU Boulder Campus, Tue at 07:00 PM
Negativland on the web

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