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In May of 2008 KGNU Community Radio celebrated its 30th year of broadcasting as the Front Ranges only Volunteer Powered, Listener Supported Community Radio station. In celebration of this milestone anniversary KGNU has launched an Art in Public Places project titled: Radioland.

The project began with artists given a radio that has been turned into a piece of art. The object was to deconstruct and reconstruct a radio into a relevant, provocative, gorgeous piece of ART! The artists were asked to participate in the project by using their creative ability to manufacture, rebuild, generate, fashion, cast, hammer out, fabricate, re-imagine and evolve the radio. Seven Front Range artists are participating and their pieces will be displayed publicly along the Front Range. This event will culminate in a larger show devoted to art representing social justice and the media. All sales from this show will benefit KGNU Community Radio.

Here is a list of participating artists and where their piece is displayed:

*David Fodel/ Peter Dillon/ Ben Ford Chrystal Method~Twist & Shout 2508 Colfax Denver

*Juliette Nelson KGNU Solar World Garden~ Translations Gallery 855 Inca St Denver

*Claudia Roulier Talking Head~ Boulder Outlook Hotel 800 28th St

*Roze Simpson Realized and Disguised In Opening Ozo Coffeehouse 5340 Araphoe Ave Boulder

*Susan Davis Churches Broadcast~BMEFCU 28th & Arapahoe Boulder

*Jack Jenson No More Shi!#y Radio~Twist & Shout 2508 Colfax Denver

*Tica Perri/David Ashton Turn Your Earplugs Out~ Twist & Shout 2508 Colfax Denver


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