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Karen Bozik featured in KGNU's Hallway Gallery
Artist's statement:

In our current society, life presents itself as an endless onslaught of spectacles lacking a unifying narrative: we perpetually receive an unrelenting abundance of data. Consequently, each image, word or impulse signifies less and less. In order to heal the wounds of alienation and disassociation, we must regain a sense of relatedness within this landscape.

The creation of pictures, for me, is a device which can connect and create order from this chaos by uniting several different worlds syncretically.

(De-alienation and re-association): The exploration of one's own experiences within the psychic structure of the culture. Threefold: ancestry, ethnicity and cosmic place."

Karen Bozik is a Denver based artist who has been exhibiting her work locally and nationally since 1990. Her upcoming exhibits include Sliding Door Gallery (554 Santa Fe, Denver) in October, 2008, and Ironton Studios (3636 Chestnut, Denver) in January, 2009.

50% of all sales at this show will be donated to KGNU.
Sliding Door Gallery

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