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Upgrade to our DJ Prep Area
You can make a very small donation through CrowdFunder to help improve the tools available to our DJs. Click Here to find out how to help.

We're looking to upgrade our DJ Preview and Prep area. When KGNU DJs get ready to do a show they spend countless hours pouring through hundreds of releases to find the most unique, intriguing, and beautiful tunes on the planet. Then they try and figure out how to arrange a massive selection of diverse and eclectic music into a logical, or intentionally illogical, presentation for our listeners.

KGNU has studios available for DJs to practice and prepare, but often times these studios are in use for production or live broadcasts leaving KGNU DJs to prepare on an, at best, shakey skippy CD player in a dark corner of our music library.

This upgrade would solve that problem, giving our DJs an extra set of tools to make the best radio broadcasts they can. It would also allow for new DJs to practice basic transitions when studios are in use. The more familiar our DJs are with the music, the better the broadcasts... simple. If you have a buck or two, we'd love your help.

We are looking for:

2 Marantz CD5001 Single Tray CD Player - 2 at $298.99

1 Extremely Basic Mixer - $29.99
Throw in a buck or two.

Created:01/11/08, Modified:02/11/08, expires:02/02/08, priority:9