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A Gift of History. A Gift of Inspiration.
A Gift of History. A Gift of Inspiration.

From the Pacifica Radio Archive, a one-of-a-kind audio history of the 20th century and beyond

20 CD set from the Pacifica Radio Archive
available to all new $1390 members

And for an additional $100 ($1490 total), we will load them on to an iPod Nano* for you

Voices of Feminism 3-CD Set
This compilation includes archival material that highlights feminist activists and speakers from Pacificas broadcast history.
CD 1 (64:00.): Sabina Virgo (13:19); Barbara Ehrenreich (11:03); Maxine Waters (6:05); Sister Helen Prejean (25:27); Margo St. James (4:06).
CD 2 (62:00): Winona La Duke (19:09); Joan Borysenko (10:00); Rosa Parks (6:04); Bell Hooks (8:01); Fannie Lou Hamer (13:14).
CD 3 (62:00): Dr. Germaine Greer (19:09); Dr. Helen Caldicott (8:40); Angela Davis (8:23); Gloria Steinem (10:06); Susan Brownmiller (12:22).

Save the Planet! 3-CD Set
A rock-solid collection of our best historic recordings dedicated to the preservation of Planet Earth and its inhabitants:
CD 1, Introduction: Rachel Carson, Jacques Cousteau, Chee Yoke Ling, Barry Commoner, Helen Caldicott, Oren Lyons, Alvin Hosephy, Jr., Jacques Cousteau and Barry Commoner.
CD 2, Fair Trade, Not Free Trade: Chee Yoke Ling, Terrorizing the Environmental Movement, Judi Bari
CD 3, A Passion For Survival Part I: An autobiography of Dr. Helen Caldicott, narrated by Lily Tomlin.

Studs Terkel's Spoken Century 2-CD Set
CD 1: Pacifica Radio Archives proudly presents the premier of Studs Terkel: The Spoken Century, an eclectic hour with irrepressible radio personality Studs Terkel and featuring interviews with Arthur Miller, Martin Luther King, Jr., Muhammad Ali and Issac Bashevis Singer.
CD 2: Studs Terkel interviews Dorothy Parker, Zero Mostel, Daniel Ellsberg and Ralph Ellison.

From the Vault: James Baldwin
From Baldwins speech after the murder of four children in Birmingham to his interview with Elsa Knight Thompson ... From the Vault presents Baldwin speaking on Baldwin. Youll also hear commentary on Mr. Baldwin by Molefi Asante, a contemporary African American intellectual and the leader of the Afrocentric school of thought, on what James Baldwin means to African Americans today.

Defining Black Power 3-CD Set
The classic African-American studies standard from Pacifica Radio Archives, used in classroom curricula around the world. This series of three CDs begins in 1954 when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on an Alabama bus: a simple yet courageous act that ushered in the modern-day civil rights movement. But as these historic voices reveal, the actions of Rosa Parks also sparked a debate over which strategy African Americans should use to gain equality and human rights: integration, separation or revolution? This 3-CD set serves as a history lesson for the youngand a reminder to those who lived through those timesthat the issue of African American political power is complex and the field of thought on the subject is diverse.
CD 1 Rosa Parks (6:41); Bayard Rustin/Malcolm X (21:32); Fannie Lou Hammer (23:00); James Baldwin (16:33); Angela Davis (21:38) CD 2 (62 min.) Elijah Muhammad (9:28); Stokely Carmichael (9:37); Huey Newton (10:51); Malcolm X (12:01); Martin Luther King Jr. (22:08) CD 3: (62 min.) Eldridge Cleaver (12:29); H. Rap Brown (15:25); John Hope Franklin (16:00); Maulana Karenga (11:31); Leroi Jones (12:49).

Voices from the Left 4-CD Set
This series of CDs highlights the political philosophies of the left over the past fifty years. In their own voices, activists such as Paul Robeson, Angela Davis, W.E.B. DuBois, Gus Hall, Michael Harrington, Dorothy Healey, I.F. Stone and many others share their experiences from the McCarthy Era to the Civil Rights movement and into the anti-war movement of the 1960s. Labor leaders and social reformers focus on the debate between the right and the left of Americans' path toward "the pursuit of happiness."

John Coltrane 2-CD Set
CD 1: The Trane Legacy. This documentary weaves the legacy of John Coltrane through an interview with his wife, Alice Coltrane, along with choice tracks of Coltrane music and cuts from a rare 1966 interview with John Coltrane himself. Coltrane is widely cited as a major influence on music, transcending divisions of music genre. Special permissions for music given by Alice Coltrane.
CD 2: An Interview with John Coltrane. Coltrane discusses his art, the meaning of music in human experience and his particular spiritual approach. This rare interview was done less than a year before his death in November 1966.

PRA Music Jewels 2-CD Set
This new music sampler from Pacifica Radio Archives includes Hard Traveling by Woody and Marjorie Guthrie, as well as songs by Miriam Makeba, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Buffy St. Marie, Sun-Ra and Malvina Reynolds.

*Apple factory-refurbished 2 GB iPod Nano

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