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Dahr Jamail Lecture & Booksigning
Since 2003, Dahr Jamails independent reporting from Iraq and other countries in the Middle East has garnered wide spread acclaim. His vivid and insightful accounts have been published in The Nation, The Guardian, The Sunday Herald and other publications. Hes also reported for the radio and television program Democracy Now!
At his talk in Denver, Jamail will discuss topics featured in his new book, Beyond the Green Zone. The green zone is the small part of Baghdad under US military control. Many journalists visiting Iraq rarely venture outside the safety and the official sources found inside the green zone. Dahr Jamail offers a first hand account of life in occupied Iraq and the many failures of the US invasion and occupation, including:
The developing humanitarian crisis
The motives behind the siege of Fallujah and strikes on its civilians
The Iraqi elections

Jamail grew up in a Lebanese-American, Republican family in Houston. In 2003, he was working as a wilderness guide in Alaska, writing articles about mountain climbing. He became so frustrated with the reporting leading up to the invasion of Iraq that he decided to go and see for himself. His new book includes never-before-published details on the first two years of the occupation. Copies of the book will be available at the event.
The Regis University is located off of Federal and 50th - take a right- follow to Lowell Blvd, go right into parking lot #3. The book signing and lecture will take place at the Regis University Cafeteria. Suggested donation of $10-$20 Students are free. This event will benefit KGNU Community Radio and ArgusFest.

Regis University, Thu at 08:00 PM


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