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KGNU Music Programming Changes
Starting in April KGNU will be bringing you the following new shows, and a few existing programs have found new time slots:

Swing Shift
Thursday Evenings from 9-10p

Dave Gloss brings you a weekly installment of music from the Big Band and Swing Era. Tune in for classics from Basie, Ella, Goodman, and more.

Dusty Grooves
Friday Evenings from 9-11p

Dusty Grooves explores classic Funk & Soul music from the 60s and 70s, as well as new recordings steeped in the tradition of that era. Multiple hosts join forces each week to get your Friday groovin'.

Filet of Soul & Waffles
Friday Evenings from 11-Midnight

Cap'n Rob brings you his regular weekly blend of mixes. From the Digital Underground, to Prince, to James Brown... you never know what will make its way through the mixer.

Jam Sandwich
Saturday Evenings from 8-9p

Stick around after the Grateful Dead Hour for a dose of serious jams. Whether it's The Dead, Phish, SCI, or another band of improvisational wizardry... Jam Sandwich is a delicious supplement to your audio diet.


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