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Conflict Resolution on KGNU
The first program--Neighborhood Problems and Solutions--aired Thursday, March 29. The following is a list of conflict resolution resources:
The Association for Conflict Resolution
1015 18th Street, NW, Suite 1150
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-464-9700
E-mail: acr {at} ACRnet.org
The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) is a professional organization dedicated to enhancing the practice and public understanding of conflict resolution.

Colorado Council of Mediators (CCMO)
Matt Haynes, CCMO President
Email: mattshaynes {at} comcast.net
Phone: 720-280-2246
6064 So. Taft Way
Littleton, CO 80127
Phone: 303-322-9275
E-mail: ccmo {at} coloradomediation.org
The mission is:
To promote the development and excellence of the mediation profession;
To promote the use and understanding of mediation as a means of dispute resolution;
To provide skills, professional development and support for its members;
To provide leadership in the field of mediation; and
To provide education and information to the public.

Community Mediation Concepts
Steve Charbonneau, Executive Director
303-697-8515, 303-717-2167
cmc {at} findsolutions.org
CMC specializes in Helping People Talk to People. We contract with municipalities, individuals and private organizations to help resolve conflict. CMC provides neighbor-to-neighbor, land use, work group and police-citizen mediations. We also facilitate large group processes.

Cynthia Savage, Director
Office of Dispute Resolution
Colorado Judicial Branch
1301 Pennsylvania St., Suite 110
Denver, Colorado 80203
(303) 837-3667 telephone
(303) 837-2340 fax
cynthia.savage {at} judicial.state.co.us
The Office of Dispute Resolution was created by statute in 1983 to assist Colorado's courts in implementing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) programs and in providing services to the public.

The Conflict Center
Ron Ludwig, Executive Director
4140 Tejon St.
Denver, CO 80211
Phone: 303-433-4983
E-mail: info {at} conflictcenter.org
The Conflict Center's mission is to reduce levels of physical, verbal and emotional violence by teaching and applying skills to help people in diverse communities manage their everyday conflicts nonviolently.

Conflict Resolution Institute
University of Denver
Ben Cherrington Hall, Suite 217
2201 South Gaylord Street
Denver, Colorado 80208
Phone: 303.871.6477 fax 303.871.2456
E-mail: cri {at} du.edu
Conflict Resolution Institute links scholar-practitioner relations; Teaches Conflict Resolution theory and skills; Promotes cross-learning connection of ideas; Develops Conflict Resolution concepts and methods to promote justice and fairness and to nature reflective Conflict Resolution practice and integrate students and graduates into the community.

Colorado University Restorative Justice Program (CURJ)
Gina Bata, CURJ Program Coordinator
Phone: 303-492-0316
E-mail: bata {at} colorado.edu
CURJ serves as an alternative to the traditional court system for offenses committed by CU students in the City of Boulder. It provides a forum for student offenders, victims, and affected community members to come together to identify the harms that were caused by a students actions and determine the best method for repairing those harms. m of facilitators is currently made up of law students, undergraduates, and community members.

Elizabeth Loescher Online Conflict Coaching
eloescher {at} zinnmediation.com

Peggy Evans, Program Director
2600 S. Parker Road, Bldg. 5, STE 250
Aurora, CO 80014
Phone: 303-695-0653x111
E-mail: pevans {at} coloradocai.org

FACE-to-FACE Mediation is Community Alternatives, Inc.'s innovative mediation program founded on the principles of restorative justice, a systematic response to the damage caused or revealed by criminal behavior.

Jefferson County Mediation Services (JCMS)
700 Jefferson County Parkway, Suite 200
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: (303) 271-5060
E-mail: jcarter {at} jeffco.us or hgoldste {at} jeffco.us

The mission of Jefferson County Mediation Services (JCMS) is to collaborate with local government agencies and the courts to provide effective mediation, facilitation and negotiation processes (as well as conflict management training for County and municipal employees), using trained, dedicated volunteers to foster harmony within the community.

Jefferson County Restorative Justice Program
Anne Rogers, Executive Director
100 Jefferson County Parkway, Suite 2070
Golden, Colorado 80401-6002
Phone: 303-271-6437
Fax: 303-271-6385
E-mail: annerogers {at} coloradorestorativejustice.org

The Jefferson County Community provides restorative practices within schools, law enforcement, probation, human services, diversion, the courts, the district attorneys office community corrections, and human services and youth corrections. Restorative Justice processes bring together offenders, victims, families and community members.

Seeking Common Ground
Melodye Feldman, Executive Director
POB 101958
Denver, CO 80250
Phone: 303.691.2393
303.691.2394 (fax)
E-mail: info {at} s-c-g.org

Seeking Common Ground offers individuals the opportunity to come together, learn communication skills, and create relationships of peace and understanding. Participants acquire the skills to assume ongoing leadership roles in their own homes and communities.

Zinn Mediation Associates
Mary Zinn, President
1153 Bergen Parkway, M278
Evergreen, CO 80439
Phone: 303-526-2202
Fax: 303-526-5733
mzinn {at} zinnmediation.com

Zinn Mediation Associates works with individuals and groups to create comprehensive and customized resolutions. We assist clients in finding acceptable solutions to seemingly impossible problems so they can Get Past the Past. We also facilitate for groups and offer trainings.

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