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3/16-3/24: Spring Music Specials
St. Patrick's Day Celebration
Saturday 3/17 from noon to 1pm on 88.5 FM
Join your host Karl Kumli for a one hour celebration of Irish traditions and Celtic treats.

Louis Armstrong Special
Monday 3/19 from 9:30am to Noon
Join Station Manager Marty Durlin and others for a celebration of the life and music of a national treasure. We'll have special thank you gifts available for you, including a 2 CD 1 DVD box set. More info.

It Happened Live! A Celebration of live performances on KGNU
Monday 3/19 from 7 to 8pm
George Figgs and John Schaefer take a look back at some amazing live performances from KGNU's recent past. Tune in for performances from Jolie Holland, Andrew Bird, Antibalas, Calexico, and many more.

The Best of Cafe Nuba
Monday 3/19 from 8 to 9pm
Join Ashara and others for highlights from recent Cafe Nuba broadcasts. The top poets take to the airwaves. Show your support for spoken word and poetry on your community airwaves.

The Rumi Special
Wednesday 3/21 from 9:30am to Noon
Celeste and friends guide you through the enchanting world of Rumi, the Sufi poet of love. Don't miss it.

Ornette Coleman: American Musical Genius
Thursday 3/22 from 2:30 to 4pm
Your hosts James Weise and Karl Eggert take a look at the massive musical genius of Ornette Coleman. We'll listen to a conversation with Ornette and KGNU News Driector Sam Fuqua. Plenty of amazing Ornette Coleman thank you gifts will be available to you for your support of independent community radio.

Afrobeat Extravaganza
Friday 3/23 from 1 to 4pm
99 & Barry take a look at the musical legacy of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. We'll listen to Fela's music and the music of those he inspired. Special premiums will be available like the Fela box set "Sound & Vision" which includes 2 CDs and 1 DVD of rare documentary footage. Also available, the new release from Antibalas, the music of Tony Allen, The Chicago Afrobeat Project and more.

Dusty Grooves!
Friday 3/23 from 9 to Midnight
A special sneak preview of one of KGNU's new programs. Dusty Grooves explores classic Funk & Soul music from the 60s and 70s, as well as new recordings steeped in the tradition of that era. An unbelievable collection of Funk & Soul will be available as thank you gifts for your support of KGNU, including music from Al Green, Candi Staton, the 4 CD What It Is! Box Set, and more.

Grateful Dead & Beyond
Saturday 3/24 from 7 to 1am
Paul, Chris, and Mike take us on a six hour tour of the greatest jams of the last 40 years. With a focus on the Dead, this jam marathon will have many many surprises for your ears.


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