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KGNU draft strategic plan
Dear KGNU Volunteer,

The KGNU Planning Committee has completed its first year of work, which has resulted in the development of the KGNU Community Radio Strategic Plan, 2007-2009. This plan contains the draft objectives, goals, actions, and targets that form the framework that the Planning Committee is proposing to guide KGNU over the next 1-3 years. The plan is not designed to be a straitjacket; rather, it is designed to be a " living" document that will be updated and changed to allow the necessary flexibility and adaptability for the station as it continues to grow and evolve. The Strategic Plan will be used as a tool, and as such it will require maintenance through regular Planning Committee reviews to insure implementation of the plan and to track the station's progress. The success of the plan; however, depends on the entire community - Board, Staff, and Volunteers- taking responsibility for sharing the burden of doing the work that will continue to insure KGNU's success.

You now have an opportunity to participate in the development of the "Final" Strategic Plan. Please stop by the station at 4700 Walnut St. in Boulder to pick up a copy of the draft plan. You may also call the station to request a digital version via email. .The plan is in PDF format and will require that you have at least Adobe Acrobat ver. 7 to be able to read the plan. We ask that you make any comments you have about the Strategic Plan using the Comment Form that you will receive with the draft plan. Submit the Comment Form to davidk@kgnu.org NO LATER THAN February 19, 2007. Completed comment forms may also be placed in the Board of Directors box. Using this form will insure that the Planning Committee will receive your comments for consideration in drafting the Final Strategic Plan. If you would like a direct response from the Planning Committee, we will need you to provide your name, email and/or phone in the appropriate space on the Comment Form.

The final plan is tentatively scheduled to be presented for the Board of Directors' approval at its regular monthly meeting to be held in Denver on March 13, 2007 so it is important that your input be received by February 19th.

The Planning Committee looks forward to your comments and greatly appreciates your participation in this process!


Created:01/15/07, Modified:01/19/07, expires:01/18/07, priority:9