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TerraSonic Debuts on 1390 AM
KGNU DJ Joel Davis is moving his popular front range world music showcase to KGNU's 1390 AM signal starting Saturday September 2nd at noon. The program which features International music from around the globe will make its debut on KGNU after years of broadcasts on 1190 AM (our comrades on the AM dial).

Tune in Saturdays, noon to 1:00 PM as Joel guides you on an hour-long magic carpet ride around the world of music, exploring familiar routes and new traditions in international sound. From Asian Dub to Afro-Beat, Indian Breaks to Moroccan Roll; from then to now and here to
there ? TerraSonic conducts weekly experiments in its freeform world
music laboratory.

Listeners can find more information, past playlists, and podcasts on the TerraSonic website.

Created:08/23/06, Modified:08/26/06, expires:09/30/06, priority:9