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Public Broadcasting Funding In Jeopardy
Last year the chair, Ralph Regula (R-Ohio), recommended an additional $100 million in funding cuts beyond those proposed by the Administration. This year he stated, "I'm a zero-based budgeter. I think it's important to look at each program to see if it's still important to the people of this nation."

Please let your congressional representatives know if you value public broadcasting, and the annual federal funding which has strengthened and maintained the service. Faxes, phone calls and letters ? communications of all types ? to U.S. Representatives from our listeners and supporters can make the difference.

You can go to tellthempublicmatters.org for additional information and assistance in contacting your congress people. Or call KGNU for more information on Colorado?s congressional representatives.

Thank you for making KGNU possible.


Created:05/15/06, Modified:05/15/06, expires:06/07/06, priority:9