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Farewell and thanks, EC!
Elaine Erb left the KGNU staff in April after seven years as Music Director. Fortunately, she's not gone far away. Her new job is with Airshow Mastering, a world-renowned recording and mastering company based in Boulder. Elaine plans to continue as a volunteer music programmer, so listeners will still hears EC's eclectic mixes on KGNU.

During her tenure as Music Director, Elaine supervised the expansion of KGNU?s music library and helped plan the studio layout during the move to our home at 4700 Walnut St. She oversaw the development of our music playlist database, an improvement that makes it easier for listeners to track down information about music on KGNU and helps strengthen KGNU?s connections with independent record labels. She also increased overall communication with record companies, resulting in an improved flow and volume of recorded music coming into the station.

She worked hard to support both the local and global community of creative musicians. As Executive Producer of our Monday night live performance program, the KGNU Kabaret, she showcased the incredible variety of music created on the Front Range of Colorado. Elaine?s passion for music from all over the world led her to champion the inclusion of more international music on KGNU. She also made a special effort to connect KGNU with the local classical music community, featuring artists from the Colorado Music Festival, the Boulder Philharmonic and the University of Colorado.

Her feet are small, but she leaves big shoes to fill in the music department.


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