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New 1390 transmitter on the air!
Today (May 25th) at around noon our engneers, Mike Pappas and Will Barnett, flipped a switch, and 1390 KHz radio waves from our new digital transmitter surged through the cable and up our antenna tower. The differrence was immediately noticeable: a cleaner, more powerful, louder signal.

We would like to thank:

  • The 1390 members, who are paying for the 1390 AM frequency
  • Engineer Mike Pappas, who flew in from Europe just a few hours before installing the transmitter.
  • Engineer Will Barnett, who kept the ball rolling as Mike Pappas was in Europe.
  • Len, who turned a corner of industrial debris into a very functional and attractive broadcast site.
  • Mike Shuster, for making sure no balls were dropped with city permits, Xcel Energy, contractors
  • The folks at Xcel Energy, for responding to the call and doing an installation within 24 hours of getting all the paperwork
  • The staff at the City of Englewood, who turned around all the needed permits within one hour, instead of the typical week or two
  • Marty Durlin, for being our fearless leader, coaching the process along
  • The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) for their grant paying to a significant portion of our digital transmitter



Created:04/12/06, Modified:05/25/06, expires:06/24/06, priority:9