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Job opening
KGNU is seeking a Music Director.

KGNU seeks an energetic, talented, versatile, ambitious individual to serve as Music Director. This position serves under the general supervision of the Station Manager and has the responsibility to oversee the activities of the Music Department.

KGNU is an eclectic, freeform, volunteer-programmed station. The music director must be able to relate to a wide range of musical styles including but not limited to rock, folk, modern, international, hip-hop, jazz, and bluegrass. KGNU?s Music Director will also work with a large and diverse volunteer staff, helping ensure that volunteers can avail themselves of the resources needed to produce and program their shows. After 28 years of quality, diverse programming, KGNU now serves a broader audience including the Denver region. KGNU?s staff and volunteers work in a mutually supportive, open-minded, flexible environment.

Duties of the music director include overseeing volunteer staff, assisting in training and development of new talent, coordinating live music and interviews including the Kabaret show, maintaining music library, serving on the program committee, and attending committee meetings as advised by the station manager. The Music Director serves as overall supervisor of the annual Book, Record, and CD Sale and is in charge of preparing music for the sale. The Music Director will be involved in preparing for the fund drive, arranging premiums for same, and assisting in on-air fundraising. Music Director will also assist on other events as needed.

The Music Director serves as the main contact for KGNU with record companies, promoters and musicians regarding music service and plays. Individual will be responsible for submitting regular charts and play reports to various trade publications, mailing lists, and the KGNU website.

Required Qualifications:
Demonstrated interest in non-mainstream music; demonstrated understanding and appreciation of freeform music programming; proven ability to carry out multiple activities and responsibilities within one job; experience working with and coordinating volunteers; demonstrated ability to work effectively in collaboration with a wide
variety of people, both in groups and one-to-one.
Desired Qualifications:
Digital editing/mixing; live music engineering; bilingual Spanish & English; knowledge of and experience working in community radio

Salary = $37,500 plus health insurance and generous vacation policy

Submit cover letter, resume, three professional references and a CD demo containing three pieces of music and your own narration explaining why you like the music you?ve selected. Send to: Marty Durlin, KGNU, 4700 Walnut St., Boulder, CO 80301

Application Deadline = April 14, 2006
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Created:03/16/06, Modified:03/27/06, expires:04/14/06, priority:9