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Charming Hostess Concert
Jewlia Eisenberg and Charming Hostess come to Boulder to sing from their astonishing new album, Sarajevo Blues (Tzadik): a tour de force of vocal brains and brawn. Drawing on text by poet Sem Mehmedinovic, Sarajevo Blues tells of love and resistance, the nature of evil, and laughter by any means necessary. Jewlia's boldly original compositional voice brings the sexy, soulful sound of 60's girl groups to the 21st century avant-garde, rocking out along the way.

Charming Hostess is three women in a whirl of eerie harmony, hot rhythm, and radical smarts. Their music is rooted in the body--voices and vocal percussion, handclaps and heartbeats, sex-breath and silence. Charming Hostess lives where Jewish and African Diasporas collide, incorporating Pygmy counterpoint, Balkan harmonies, klezmer riffs and Sufi melody. Their last CD (Trilectic, Tzadik) explored the political/erotic world with humor and sensuality. Their genre is best described as: NERDY-SEXY-COMMIE-GIRLIE
KGNU Studios in Boulder, Fri at 08:00 PM
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