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Walking Lightly - Einstein.
Walking Lightly: A Portrait of Einstein
Len Barron will perform his unique portrayal of Albert Einstein combining biography, theatrics, and a playful personality in a one-person portrait of Albert Einstein on the 100 year anniversary of E=MC?. Right in time for Thanksgiving, his show will focus on ?gratitude? for the many contributions Einstein has made to the world as a scientist and as a humanitarian. Len has received national praise for his performance. Audiences of all ages respond to Len's personal glimpse of an extraordinary human being. Some comments, "He makes Einstein come alive as someone who genuinely loved ideas and people." also "Mr. Barron was not Einstein and yet he was...this is how Einstein himself would have revealed his life."

A fundraiser for KGNU. Tickets are $10 for members and $13.90 for non-members.

1st Divine Science Church in Denver, Sat at 08:00 PM

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