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We still need your contribution

Thanks to the 1927 members who pledged $155,946 during our Fall Membership Drive October 7-15. This was an upbeat, premium-filled drive that included a live in-studio performance by Michael Franti ? despite lower totals than the station needs to operate for the next six months ($225,000 from 2500 members). KGNU runs only two on-air drives a year, nine days in the Spring and nine days in the Fall. Many other public stations run more drives per year...but we?d far prefer to keep our fundraising to a mere five percent of our total airtime.
KGNU often ends drives without reaching the total, but we receive the money in the following months. So we?re definitely counting on you to come through for us by sending in your membership to 4700 Walnut Street, Boulder CO 80301, calling us at 303 449 4885, pledging securely online at kgnu.org, or dropping by our studios.
If you haven?t yet picked up your premium, or you signed up to browse, we urge you to visit us in Boulder. We are also holding two premium parties in Denver: Saturday, November 12 from 1-4 pm and Wednesday, November 16 from 6-8 pm, both at the Mercury Cafe.
What can we do to make KGNU?s fundraising process easier, more fun, quicker, smoother? Some people love the drive and listen avidly, enjoying the repartee between hosts, the special programming and premium offerings. Others hate it so much they turn away. Some simply endure...it?s only nine days. As is repeated many times every drive, KGNU cannot do it without your support. Please contact Station Manager Marty Durlin with your suggestions about KGNU?s on-air fundraising efforts, email preferred.
To join, call now, or better yet pledge online.


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