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Latin dance party
Latin Dance Lessons, Cumbia, Latin Hip Hop, Cuban Covers
This concert is the 4th in a series of fundraising concerts to benefit the purchase of the new 1390 AM frequency in Denver, in a co-benefit with Denver Justice and Peace Committee.
The benefit begins at 9:00 with a Dance Lesson & Social Hour. At 10:00 Debajo del Agua, opens with Cuban music covers, Latin hip hop. At 11:00, Chicos delRitmo, thrills with authentic, high-energy Mexican Cumbia. 50% of proceeds benefit DJPC?s ?PROMESA? rural health promoter program in
Tesorito, Guatemala, and 50% of proceeds benefit KGNU?s purchase of AM
Requested donation is $12 for KGNU and DJPC Members, $15 for the
general public. Tickets will be available at the door day of show.
There will be a *Grand Prize *offered to the highest contributor to
KGNU?s 1390AM Signal Fund or the Promesa Partnership, that includes a
3-day stay in a protected indigenous zone in Yelapa, Mexico (www.casamilagros.net).

Promesa Partnership:Promesa is a partnership between three entities
?CAMINOS in Denver, Colorado; SMGP in Tucson, Arizona; and the CPR
Directiva in Guatemala ? that seeks to improve health and primary health
care delivery for the community of Tesorito by supporting the
community?s own existing health structures, as well as the health
workers who serve as volunteers in their isolated home community in
Guatemala. The community of Tesorito in Suchitpequez, Guatemala is a
group of 136 indigenous Mayan families who were relocated from their
ancestral mountain home to the hot, humid coastal plain of southern
Guatemala at the end of the Guatemalan Civil War (1940-1996). Today,
after 5 years of re-settlement, these families continue to struggle with
physical and cultural survival. The community is weakened, isolated, and
extremely impoverished.

*KGNU 1390 Campaign: Support For KGNU?s expansion into Denver on
1390 AM. When the White House launched its pro-war PR campaign, Denver
residents called for more diverse, hard-hitting, independent news
programming, and asked the Boulder-based KGNU to expand. KGNU responded
by purchasing 1390AM in Denver for $ 4.1 million. Never before has an
independent, community-based station purchased a commercial frequency to
serve a larger city.

Chicos del Ritmo plays an exciting,innovative style of cumbia music, an extremely popular dance rhythm from Colombia that has found a large audience in Chile as well as Mexico. Played in 4/4 time with a heavy beat one and accentuated beats three and four, cumbia has a loping rolling rhythm similar to ?riding
a horse?. Currently the band is based out of Boulder, Colorado, but
many of its members are originally from Mexico. /Chicos del Ritmo
/blends two generations of musicians where fathers and sons create a
sound that both preserves and reinvigorates /cumbia/. The result is a
highly entertaining and highly danceable style of music for English and
Spanish speakers alike.

Debajo del Agua fuses music from the Andean region of South America
with a unique blend of hip hop, reggae, and classic Cuban jazz grooves
ala the Buena Vista Social Club. A trilingual instrumental conjunto,
Debajo del Agua creates its unique sound through an eight-piece
ensemble including saxophone, bass, guitar, flutes, conga, and lesser
known Latin American instruments.

Mercury Cafe in Denver, Sat at 09:00 PM

Created:10/01/05, Modified:10/01/05, expires:10/01/05, priority:9