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KGNU Board of Directors meeting
The KGNU Board of Directors meets at the station on tuesday 9/13 at 6pm. The board will NOT be considering the bylaws and mission statement at this meeting as is currently posted on our web site. That has been postponed to the November 8 meeting.

Board meeting agenda:

Boulder Community Broadcast Association Board of Directors
Tuesday September 13, 2005
KGNU Studios, 4700 Walnut, Boulder, CO

6:00 PM: Call to Order, Chip Grandits, Chair.
Approval of August Minutes.
Approval of this Agenda.

6:10 PM: Public Participation

6:20 PM: Station Manager Report

6:30 PM: Denver Campaign Report by Kris Abrams
Status of Interest-free loans for refinancing of 1390 AM note held by seller.
Extension of Kris Abrams term as Denver Campaing Coordinater ? transition with new development director.

6:50 PM: Budget Report
Conventional Bank Loans for refinancing 1390 AM debt by Jim Ciarlo.
Fiscal Year 2006 Budget by Acting Treasurer, Janaki LeFils and Marty Durlin.
Alternatives scenarios for new Denver Outreach Position by Chip Grandits.
Discussion and Vote on Fiscal Year 2006 Budget.

7:40 PM: Scheduled Break

7:50 PM: Mulit-Racial Inclusiveness Training (possible Reconsideration)
Status Report from Committee.
Discussion on whether to vote to reverse decision on training scheduled for October.

8:20 PM: PBOG Report by Ann Colcord
Book & Record Sale and other recent and upcoming events.

8:30 PM: Program Committee Report

8:40 PM: Nominating Committee Report

8:45 PM: IT Committee Report (submitted in writing)

8:50 PM: Internet Committee Report (submitted in writing)

8:55 PM: Building Committee Report (submitted in writing)

9:00 PM: Signal Committee Report (submitted in writing)

9:10 PM: Other Business



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