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Fort Collins translator turned off
On Wednesday, 5/25, the Educational Media Foundation (whose slogan is "K-LOVE") went on the air in Fort Collins with an additional station: "KLHV". Its frequency is 88.3 FM just next to KGNU?s 88.5 FM. Although its power is only 90 Watts, in Fort Collins its signal is far stronger than what remains of KGNU's signal so far from its Louisville transmitter. Most radio receivers cannot pick up KGNU against this stronger, adjacent signal. Additionally, KGNU?s Fort Collins? translator at 89.1 FM is unable to operate, because it relies on picking up the original 88.5 FM, but it can?t because KLHV's transmitter is physically located just next to KGNU's translator and overwhelms it.

KGNU has no recourse:
  • KLHV is properly licensed by the FCC,
  • Fort Collins is outside KGNU?s primary coverage area, and
  • translators have no rights against a full power radio station
So far, KGNU has not been able to find another frequency for its Fort Collins translator.

As our translator had become useless, we turned it off to save rent money for the transmission site.

Created:08/23/05, Modified:08/23/05, expires:08/23/05, priority:9