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?How America Lost Iraq?
What:Author & journalist Aaron Glantz lectures on "How America Lost Iraq" and signs his new book by that name. This is a fundraiser for KGNU. Donations accepted.
Where: Unitarian Universalist Church 5001 Pennsylvania Ave Boulder.

"Glantz's account is full of interviews with ordinary Iraqis, and from their evolving thoughts and experiences he builds a critique of the many American misconceptions about Iraq, one that castigates equally the left's knee-jerk preconceptions, the occupation authorities' cluelessness and heavy-handed misrule and the media's lack of interest in the suffering of Iraqis. The result is a nuanced and hard-hitting indictment."--Publishers? Weekly.

Joel Edelstein will interview Aaron Glantz on the air during the Thursday Morning Magazine.

More information is available by calling the station.
Unitarian Universalist in Boulder, Thu at 07:00 PM


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